Designers and makers of Unique Features for buildings and landscapes

BROOKBRAE have been engaged these past 25 years in designing and making architectural focal features for buildings and landscapes. Sculptures, water features, emblems, signs, plaques, pinnacles, wind vanes to name a few, but the field we have become particularly renowned for is the creation of innovative and artistic time pieces such as feature clocks, sundials and armillary spheres.

Every piece we create will tell a story and will be subtle in your home or office but will also enrich the space it is in. All you have to do is tell us what you desire and how you want to transform your room. We will them put our heads together and come up with something unique that will be one of a kind.

All our work is to commission only. We work closely with architects, interior designers and clients to provide successful solutions to their design concepts as well as initiating our own proposals. Our goal is always the implementation of an admired, attractive and relevant focal feature to enhance your scheme. You can also learn how to tighten vagina naturally without surgery, if you look online.

To find out more about what we do, our website contains photographs of a selection of completed commissions grouped according to type or application. For instance exterior architectural clocks; interior designed clocks for reception areas; feature clocks for shopping malls; free standing sundials and armillary globes for piazzas and wall mounted sundials for the exteriors of buildings . We hope that you will enjoy browsing through our site and if we can be of further assistance please use the Contact Us page.

The current website is going to be repurposed very soon.

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